We are very proud to be an MTConnect partner and a member of the MTConnect Technical Advisory Group.  MTConnect is a standard that allows different machines to talk to each other, breaking down barriers between data, machines and people.  Here’s a definition from MTConnect themselves:

“The MTConnect standard offers a semantic vocabulary for manufacturing equipment to provide structured, contextualized data with no proprietary format. With uniform data, developers and integrators can focus on useful, productive manufacturing applications rather than translation…Applications using MTConnect data provide more efficient operations, improved production optimization, and increased productivity.”

Source: http://www.mtconnect.org/

Better connectivity

MTConnect provides much better connectivity for companies. Accessing high quality machine data is not simply achieved by just buying a shrink-wrapped box of software or spending a large sum of money on a machine. MTConnect enables companies to gain insight, rather than relying on infrastructure alone. Without the ability to communicate openly, organisations are full of data siloes where only a few have the ability to unlock the benefits because systems simply can’t communicate in a common way. MTConnect helps machines to communicate to all in a standardised way, effectively democratising data. Instead of speaking many languages, machines speak the same language, giving companies much better insight into how they are performing.


Data power

Nowadays, we can record and view exactly how many steps we’ve taken in a day, just through a small device on our wrist. We can also see the amount of energy we’re using in at home on our phones or computers. So why shouldn’t it be the same for manufacturing? As an MTConnect partner, we help machines to talk to each other, giving companies a clear picture of exactly what’s going on with their production processes at any time. Instead of judging external indicators or just guessing what’s going on, our clients can monitor and manage downtime, production speed, delays, which machine is most productive and when, and much more!


Incredible insight

When we show companies the kind of machine data that MTConnect can give them, they’re usually pretty amazed. For example, they can see that the machine that they thought was working to schedule, is actually not – and the exact times that it stops working. Or they can identify which machine provides the best return on investment and base their future purchasing decisions on this insight. They can also spot trends in performance and adapt their staffing patterns accordingly. The possibilities are almost endless. And that’s why we’re very proud, not only to be an MTConnect partner, but also to help shape future strategy as a member of the MTConnect Technical Advisory Group.


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