Imagine being able to see how your business processes are working at any time.
That’s just one of the ways we help companies – because we understand that success isn’t just about measuring outcomes, but about how you measure them.
With our machine monitoring solutions you get real-time insight at every stage of your production process. So, no more uncertainties, delays or ambiguities. Instead of just estimating what’s happening across your factory floor, you can view exactly what’s happening, as it happens. That also gives you more control in how you modify and optimise your business performance.
With our machine monitoring solutions, your business will be quicker to respond to challenges on the factory floor and in your industry.
Easily scalable
We provide solutions that are as easily scalable as they are powerful. So they’ll fit your business perfectly and be ready to grow as it grows. Because we work in partnership with our clients, we’ll continue to support you for as long as you need.
Reduce the risks of downtime for increased productivity
With powerful machine monitoring options, you can respond as and when machine downtime occurs, keeping your business more agile and cost effective.
Maintain standards – as standard
Why risk failing to meet industry standards when the right machine monitoring solution can ensure that you stay compliant at all times?
Easy access via PC and mobile devices
With our range of machine monitoring options you can view all the data you need across PC and mobile devices, giving you quick and easy access to the true state of your business processes.
A varied portfolio of leading products
Through our long-standing connections within the industry, we can offer a wide choice of options across a variety of machine types. We’ll provide all the guidance and advice you might need to ensure that the machine monitoring solution you choose is the right one for your business. Our knowledge of these products means we’ll tailor it to fit your business exactly, making your choice even more cost effective.
More effective measurement
Instead of estimating how your production processes are performing, why not capture data that lets you see precisely how you’re doing as a business?
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Machine monitoring options
MDC 4000 is a stand-alone, easy-to-operate and easy-to-use manufacturing data collection software. It shows the actual status of each machine on a shop floor, number of produced pieces, order number, article number and the name of the operator.
MDC 4000 provides real-time information on machines and their productivity, while efficiently using state-of-the-art technology. It recognises malfunctions and bottlenecks quickly allowing immediate counteractive measures. The MDC/MTM runs on a combination of perfectly aligned hardware and software, while utilising internet technology’s newest network protocols and software standards.

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