View, manage, publish and customise manufacturing data wherever and whenever you want? Now you can.
Our advanced cloud analytics tools are as simple to use as they are sophisticated. So you and your team can effortlessly gain and maintain control of your data at all times. Isn’t it time that your manufacturing data worked harder for you?

Ready for cloud analytics tools that put you in control of your data?

Our cloud analytics tools have been created to grow with your business, giving you advantages that include:
Easy integration – Our analytics tools come with built-in support for a multitude of database engines.
Create stylish reports instantly – A straightforward wizard interface on which you can specify the database of your choice allows you to instantly produce stylish enterprise reports.
Publish your own dashboard to the cloud – With its built-in cloud synchronisation engine, the dashboard editor allows you to publish your dashboard to the cloud and lets selected users view these through a standard web browser.
View and share reports effortlessly – Thanks to a web browser with a fully functional web-based report and dashboard store, you can view and share data reports when and where you want.
Simplify report customisation – Customise each report precisely with customisation that provides you with more sophisticated information in the appropriate format required by each user.
Advanced reporting – Benefit from better reporting through the built-in capacity to adapt and change reports securely and easily, allowing you to get the right information to the right people at exactly the right time.
Our cloud analytics tools will benefit you if you’re looking to boost your data management capabilities, maximise business productivity or reduce administration.
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