• Aerospace

    As specialists in engineering and manufacturing, we understand the challenges and opportunities affecting the aerospace industry right now.

  • Automotive

    Our experience in manufacturing and engineering means that we understand how to address the issues affecting the automotive industry.

  • Defence

    We help leading defence companies to stay competitive in a challenging market. Our long standing track record means our solutions make it easier for businesses to grow profitably whilst continuing to meet rigorous industry standards.

  • Medical

    In a growing industry, how do you react fast to new possibilities while maintaining high industry standards at the same time? This is a question we’ve answered for many medical manufacturing companies.

  • Oil & Gas

    In a fast-moving industry, being ready for tomorrow’s opportunities is as important as addressing today’s challenges. At MCS, we apply our expertise in engineering and manufacturing to create solutions that match your business and sector.

How we can help you

Transforming businesses through enhanced insight and efficiency

At MCS, we integrate cutting edge products into tailored solutions, enabling companies to simplify, organise and automate routine procedure-based tasks associated with production data.

We work in partnership with you to identify what’s important to your business and provide a scalable solution that will adapt with your business as it grows. Our well-established network means we can offer a huge choice of products and some unique options that you won’t find anywhere else. Get in touch to find out how we could help you.

Working in partnership with you to achieve the right results

Integrating cutting edge products into tailored solutions for manufacturers

Make the most of your valuable assets, maximise productivity and manage compliance more effectively with the right DNC solution for the right results. Looking to view your productivity in real-time, protect your business from the risks of human error and address production problems before they happen?

Would you like to be able to view, manage, publish and customise manufacturing data on the cloud, wherever and whenever you want? With our machine monitoring solutions, you have real-time insight at every stage of your production process. Contact us now to find out how we could benefit your business.


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