At MCS, we help companies respond to the unexpected as well as providing strategic support. One recent crisis we were contacted about was caused by an unfortunate combination of poor weather and false economies.

It’s bad enough being struck by lightning, but having to stop operating for three weeks is even worse… This is exactly what happened to our client, thanks to a DNC system (from another company) which had been installed using long runs of RS232 cable going into a multi-comm server device. When the local area was affected by lightning storms, the cables, which ran along the company’s workshop, acted effectively as an aerial. Added to that, the company had no anti-surge protection in place. So, when lightning struck the building, their multi-comm server was destroyed.

We were called in to independently verify that three of the company’s machine controls had suffered commercial port damage. The damage would cost a lot of money to fix, but the loss of production time and the resulting stress and heartache also came at a high price. Had the company spent a little more on a DNC product with the right hardware in place, they would have been protected, even in the event of a lightning strike.  Fortunately, we were able to step in quickly and get them up and running as soon as possible. With our help they are now also properly protected, not just from severe weather, but from potential internal issues which could cause problems.

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