MCS was proud to help a well-established subcontracting machining company to invest in its future.

Zeus Engineering provides turning and milling services to a wide range of industries. Established in 1966, the company has a 50-year heritage of supporting businesses. Based in Lanarkshire in central Scotland, Zeus Engineering also provides comprehensive engineering, fabrication and maintenance services, as well as high tolerance sheet metalwork components in ferrous and non-ferrous materials through its associate companies Argon Engineering and Gillrick Metalwork, which, along with Zeus, form the AGZ Group.
Zeus Engineering is constantly looking to enhance the way it works and MCS has played a major role in this evolution. The Operations Director of Zeus, Scott McHutcheson, explains:

“We are continually developing the business and investing in new technology. In 2009, we got to the point where we realised that we had numerous CNC machines and no form of back-up for our NC code, apart from one laptop. We needed to address this and we were looking for the right technology to programme the machines and then to save the programmes. This is where MCS stepped in.”

Working with MCS has helped to boost Zeus Engineering’s efficiency:

“The MCS team secured our NC programmes on the main network so that even if something happens to the network, our work won’t be lost. It gives us great peace of mind to know that if we do ever have a problem with the machines, we have the programmes backed up! Following that, in 2017, because we wanted to invest in new computers, we asked MCS to support us again. They helped transfer the programmes to the new computers and also updated the QUINX DNC software for all the machines. They were able to complete this for us on a remote basis and at night. This meant we could enhance our business without disrupting it.”

MCS were also able to help when some unforeseen issues came up, as Scott adds:

“There were some issues with the set-up of my new computer. MCS were happy to liaise with our software management company and sort out the issue, effectively taking the problem away from us!”

For Scott, the key to the success of working with MCS was insight:

“The MCS team is very knowledgeable. When you talk to them, you know that they understand what’s going on and what your business needs. They ensure that making changes to your business is a very smooth process.”

Updating core technology is potentially risky for any business. Scott’s view is that MCS helped to make it a secure and positive process for Zeus Engineering:

“MCS were very good at keeping us up to date with what was happening. Their team is very approachable and was always easy to reach, which is very important. I couldn’t fault them for the service they provided. They understand that our time is precious and worked with us to make the process as easy as possible. We have further plans for expanding our capacity and we won’t think twice about asking MCS to be part of that.”


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